A software engineer with a keen interest in design, I have assembled here a gallery of my more recent photographic work and a small collection of free graphics utility programs which I hope you will enjoy.

The website itself has been given a makeover with the design work being produced entirely with Xara Designer Pro. If you haven't heard of this wonderful drawing program, head over to www.xara.com and take a look. There is a lively and well supported artist community at http://www.talkgraphics.com and oodles of resources at www.xaraxone.com where the highly talented Mr Gary Priester is always willing to help both newbies and seasoned professionals alike with the best graphics tutorials I have ever seen.

Eden Workshops My all consuming passion is the craft of bookbinding, and I hope shortly to add a few sections of interest to fellow bookbinders. In the meantime, I recommend anyone to visit The Society of Bookbinders or Designer Bookbinders to find out more.

For equipment, DVDs, tutorials and all things bookbinding pop along to Eden Workshops run by Richard & Margaret Norman.

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